The Festival’s Emerging Artists Program showcases promising new artists | neighborhood supplement

SUBMITTED BY QUINN HULLETT, Lincoln Arts, for Neighborhood Extra

The annual Lincoln Arts Festival – presented to the community by Lincoln Arts – is back for its 21st year.

The festival serves as an inclusive and accessible venue for over 90 artists. Twelve of these artists are new to the festival environment and have been specially selected to participate in Lincoln Arts’ emerging artist program.

The Emerging Artists Program welcomes new-to-career and new-to-sales artists in a festival atmosphere. Recipients of the Emerging Artists Program scholarships receive a tent, exhibit materials and waived booth fees. The added benefits go beyond the scope of a standard festival experience.

“The Festival environment provides new artists with a network to promote their work,” said Alexandra McCracken, Lincoln Arts Events Manager. “Our organization is dedicated to supporting and creating pathways for emerging artists to connect with the community through a variety of resources.”

Professional portfolio development

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Since the Lincoln Arts Festival requires artists to submit complete works, it is important to understand how to build and document a cohesive collection. Lincoln Arts gives recipients instructions for creating an up-to-date professional portfolio. Having this portfolio is essential for artists looking for gallery space or showcasing work for art licensing.

A strong digital presence

The festival attracts a dedicated audience to support local culture and arts. The Lincoln Arts Festival engages this audience by featuring artist profiles on the LAF website and social media, spotlighting artists before and after the festival, creating an online presence for emerging artists.

Additional Networking Events

The Lincoln Arts Festival may provide new artists with additional event opportunities for networking and promotions prior to the festival. Event screenings require time, money, energy and relationships. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated sponsorships, the festival presents emerging artists in several correlated venues after the event.

Residents of Lincoln and surrounding communities can meet artists, seasoned and emerging, at the all-new free Lincoln Arts Festival, June 18-19 on Canopy Street and in the Railyard in downtown Lincoln. For event details, see