The Fuzzfest kicks off with artists from the region

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Fuzzfest kicked off Saturday afternoon in downtown Morgantown with more than 50 performers at five downtown venues, including 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown Art Party, Buddy’s Bud Company, Morgantown Brewing Company and Art Bar.

Some music featured a variety of genres, including punk, rock, hardcore, and indie, to name a few. Event organizers added that the festival tries to give a broad platform to local and regional music, art, comedy and more through an event that showcases a bit of everything for attendees to enjoy. .

“It’s one of those things where everyone you talk to, ‘we could do something like this’, and it’s ultimately like okay let’s do it, let’s put it together. There’s so much diversity here and I feel like there’s a constant coming and going of students, so there’s always new people to discover and something that’s going to be here,” said Johnathan Evans, chief organizer of Fuzzfest.

Some of this year’s bands include Tony from Bowling, Hello June, Intoxicated Zen, She’s A Wizard, Cranberry Station, Natural Rat, Randy, Ghost Road and more.

“The most important thing is the support of all the local sites we have. With 123 being the biggest supporter of local music, they have big doors open for bands from all over the country, from national and regional tours to bands that just want to get their feet wet, get it all together,” Evans said. “Then we have these little venues that put on different events, all different types of shows, from small stages to big stages. And as things have grown, you see more and more places hosting events and that way it can intersect.

Organizers say the best way to network people in the arts industry is to organize a festival. Fuzzfest comedy was presented by Red Eye Comedy and held at Morgantown Brewing Company with hour-long comedy showcases and headliners from Dan Alten, Alex Runyon and Nate Cesco.