The Havant artist and his mother display his wearable wedding sculptures at Occasions of West Street

Art graduate Olana Light has her installations of wedding outfits on display at Occasions of West Street, which she and her partner wore to their own wedding last year, after the venue was keen to support her while showing the “powerful message” of the work.

The artwork, titled ‘Search to Belong’, explores the idea of ​​identity, belonging and ‘otherness’ and is based on the reuse of elements that usually end up in landfill.

The two sculptures of Olana are made of polystyrene.

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Sculptures have been installed in Occasions of West Street, Fareham.

Olana was inspired to create the sculptures while planning her wedding during the pandemic and wanting to incorporate her work into her special day.

She hopes to use the space as a new way to promote her work outside of a traditional exhibition space.

She said, “I wanted to do some kind of costumes for the wedding. In the end, it was sculptures, not just a costume and headdresses that were close to the faces.

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Sculptures by Olana Light at Occasions of West Street, Fareham.

“During lockdown, I decided to take inspiration for my wearable sculptures from an installation-based environment and bring it to real life.

‘I visited Fareham Mall just to say hi to Elena [the boutique’s owner]. I thought it would be a good idea to show the sculptures too because it’s related to the shop and it’s a wedding theme.

‘As an artist, I work with recycled materials and I use organic materials.’

Olana has had her art installations and sculptures on display at God’s House Tower in Southampton and the wedding costumes she exhibits will soon be on display at Southampton City Gallery and The Spring in Havant.

Sculptures have been installed in Occasions of West Street, Fareham.

The founder of the shop was keen to support Olana’s work as a close friend of the artist.

A member of the Occasions team said, “We are always shocked, surprised and delighted by her creativity. So when Olana got in touch with her most recent work, “Search to Belong”, we were honored and thrilled to feature her work.

“We are always keen to use our windows as a way to stop passers-by and entice them to take a look.”

The shop hopes to display the sculptures for another month after they are installed on June 23.