The mural project brings works of art to Albany Ave. of Hartford.

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Pretty soon, you’ll start noticing new, original artwork across Hartford in places you pass by every day.

It’s called the Hartford Love Mural Project, which places unique works of art along Albany Avenue.

“It’s nice to be validated and stuff like that on a larger than normal scale and to be honored again by the city, the city,” said Kim Hinds Jr, an artist.

He was chosen to become one of 30 artists selected for the project.

“The piece I did for this project was pretty much my daughter,” Hinds said. “It’s funny because every time I see little girls I think of my daughter who has beads and stuff like that, so I feel like that’s something you can really see this reflection.”

Hinds said he used to do street art and tag many places in Hartford. He is grateful to now have a safe space to express himself.

“Not too long ago I got a ticket for tagging and stuff mostly it’s not the illegality of that but just getting the expression and stuff like that so I want you to know in the community that you don’t have to go that certain route,” Hinds said.

This thought alone is the mission of the project.

“So when many residents talked about bus shelters and utility boxes and what we call junk art, we thought a great way to address it was to solicit art and donate opportunities to a local artist who can provide art that is representative of the community,” Janice said. Castle, head of community engagement for the city of Hartford.

Some artists featured on Albany Ave. are only seven years old.

“Can you tell me what you drew or painted?” News asked an eyewitness.

“Me passing by my school and Keeney Park,” said Brooklyn Backman, an artist.

Already nine bus shelters across Hartford look like this, reflecting the many experiences and people who call this city home.

In a few weeks, 21 electrical boxes will also feature unique designs.