The World’s Best Artists Gather at This Huge Tattoo Convention in Calgary

Ink fan or not, you’ve obviously seen, heard or come across the popular Calgary studio, Deadly Tattoos. And the artist who made the studio famous, aka James Tex, is now bringing other tattoo industry brains to Calgary through a massive, one-of-a-kind tattoo convention. Enter: the deadly tattoo convention.

The three-day convention will take place at the Gray Eagle Resort & Casino from June 3-5.

What makes the convention unique is the fact that for the first time ever, so many (over 200!) renowned artists from around the world will come together for a convention. You can expect names like Shane Ford, Zoio, Rebecca Blair, and Anthony Tex, among others. And if you’re a tattoo artist or ink enthusiast of any caliber, you know these names are not to be taken lightly.

But that’s not the only impressive part!

The most impressive part is that the convention gives attendees a chance to meet these renowned artists, much like Tex himself, up close in an interactive setting.

You can see (and of course appreciate) the elaborate yet intricate designs of these artists via incredible exhibits. Many artists present will bring unique artworks and paintings presented as part of an art exhibition. Some of these originals may be available for sale!

From viewing great designs to attending professional seminars to buying some really cool tattoo accessories and products, the event has everything to make it a success.

The good news is that tickets for the Deadly Tattoo Convention are currently available. But we doubt they will last long. So you better get yours RN!

The Deadly Tattoo Convention

When: June 3-5
Where: Gray Eagle Event Centre, 3777 Gray Eagle Dr, Calgary