Valve’s Half-Life 3 Artwork Suggests Plans For A Sequel

Half-Life 3 artwork created by Valve has been unveiled on YouTube, suggesting what the long-absent sequel to sci-fi FPS hit Half-Life 2 might have looked like if it had already arrived on Steam, alongside new images of production for Left 4 Dead 2, and a possible first version of Half-Life: Alyx.

Of all the world’s great mysteries – the lost city of Atlantis, Shergar’s disappearance, how they managed to ruin the final season of Game of Thrones – Half-Life 3’s release date is perhaps the most tormented. . Almost 20 years after the launch of Half-Life 2, there has been so little official news that it almost seems Valve has forgotten that Half-Life 3 was ever shown or considered for production. It’s a weird, almost Mandela Effect kind of thing where we all remember there was once a potential sequel to Half-Life 2, but Valve swears it never happened.

And so, these new images almost look like artifacts from a parallel dimension, which have somehow slipped through a wormhole and landed in our own dark, sans Half-Life 3 universe. Posted by YouTuber and mega aficionado of Valve Tyler McVicker, they allegedly come from one of McVicker’s friends, an avid collector of Valve products and memorabilia. When Valve moved its main offices, McVicker’s friend reportedly contacted the developer to ask if there were any memorabilia from the original building they could obtain or purchase. Among the loot, they eventually found several pieces of concept art related to Half-Life 3.

Judging by what’s presented here, the world of Half-Life 3 seems considerably more desolate than the Citadel and suburbs of Half-Life 2. There are twisted combination machines, a barren desert, and encroaching alien wildlife. more and more on Earth. There’s also a concept piece for what looks like another member of the Combine race. Tiny and shrunken, with no discernible features, it’s basically a pale, chubby patch, almost like a gigantic tic or termite. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like a child’s take on the ghastly, gelatinous Combine Advisors that are behind the whole invasion of our planet, and which we expected to hear more about if Half-Life 3 came out. one day.

You can also see an image of Alyx and her robotic pal Stray Dog wandering through a strange Dune-like valley, which may have been intended either for an additional spin-off focusing on the two characters or simply as an early concept for Half-life: Alyx. It also looks like Left 4 Dead 2 initially had more enemy types, as well as various different iterations of its iconic cover art.

There’s a lot to speculate here, especially since the landscapes on display seem to contradict the icy, arctic environments teased at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Perhaps Half-Life 3 would have been a more globe-trotting adventure, or perhaps the story would have been split across a third installment of Half-Life 2 and then a full sequel. We’ll never know.

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