West Valley Artists Bring Sculptures and Gourd Art to Silicon Valley Open Studios – The Mercury News

When creating his intricate bronze sculptures, Saratoga-based artist Lance Glasser says he seeks to capture movement and gesture.

“Bronze is just a piece of metal and it doesn’t move. Getting that feeling of movement is a real challenge, and I love it,” says Glasser.

The challenge is not just in the bronze. To create the final product, he first sculpts a piece of clay and uses it to create a series of moulds: first rubber, then wax, then ceramic. Then he fills the mold with molten bronze and breaks the ceramic mold to reveal the finished work.

Glasser is one of many Bay Area artists to participate in Silicon Valley Open Studios (SVOS) during the first three weekends of May. Each weekend focuses on a different region of the Bay Area. Each weekend focuses on a different region of the Bay Area. Artists from Saratoga, Los Gatos and other West Valley towns will open their workspaces to visitors May 21-22.

During the event, hundreds of painters, sculptors, glassblowers, jewelers and other artists will open their workspaces to the community, offering live demonstrations and the opportunity to view and purchase artwork. .

“For 36 years, SVOS has given people the opportunity to peek into the art world and learn more about local artists and their work,” says Stephen Toll, president of Silicon Valley Visual Arts, which hosts SVOS. “We have been encouraged by the continued support we have received over the past few years and look forward to meeting art lovers in person again this year.”

Lisa Baurmeister creates intricate works of art from dried gourds. (Credit: Lisa Baumeister).

Los Gatos-based gourd artist Lisa Baurmeister exhibits her decorative and sculptural gourd designs at SVOS. Baurmeister says she fell in love with calabash art after seeing the work of other artists online.

“I realized from the start that it was more than birdhouses,” says Baurmeister. “You can seriously incorporate that into a fine art business, and that was my goal from the start.”

This is the first time her work will be shown at the Silicon Valley Open Studios, and she plans to hand out pumpkin seeds and informational brochures to educate guests.

Husband and wife Dan and Veronica Gross will open their Los Gatos home to show off each of their works.

Dan is a photographer who focuses on landscapes and “interesting geometry”, and Veronica is a retired art teacher who paints plein air watercolors and does monotype prints. The couple have shown their art at SVOS in previous years.

“I really like to see people appreciate my work, even if they don’t buy it. I appreciate that they take advantage of it. It gives me a good boost,” says Veronica.

Saratoga sculptor Rick Wilmer says he enjoys creating metal sculptures of animals. His 300-pound shark sculpture — made from thousands of nails he bought from Orchard Supply Hardware — took him 500 hours.

Sculptor Rick Wilmer created the sculpture of a shark entirely from metal nails. (Credit: Rick Wilmer).

His father was a talented carpenter who taught him the trade. But Wilmer says he found the process too slow.

“When I started working with metal, it was the perfect rhythm – not too slow, not too fast – and unlike wood, it’s very reworkable,” says Wilmer. “If I don’t like the way it looks, I can cut it, try again with a different shape or shape. It matches my personal style in terms of what I like to work with.

SVOS also offers an exhibition and an online store where visitors can view and purchase works by many artists.

Their website also has the full list of venues, artists, and contact information.

SVOS is one of the oldest and largest arts events in the Bay Area, dating back over 35 years. The event aims to support new and emerging artists and provides education for new artists on how to reach and connect with the art-loving community.

For more information, visit svos.org or siliconvalleyvisualarts.org.