What is Sonic Frontier? Commodity Leak List Reveals New Artwork And Mystery Characters For 2022

Sonic Frontiers: Sonic Frontiers is scheduled for release on November 8, 2022. Sega said it has no immediate plans to delay the release. The brand intends to reveal a brand new trailer and other details about the game on Gamescom.

A new leak has revealed some exciting details! New Sonic Frontiers merchandise and artwork have leaked from the Japanese Shopee store. The merchandise is expected to be released in November, according to the listing, which was discovered by Tails Channel. Key art for Sonic Frontiers depicts the Blue Blur alongside Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and the Kocos creatures that live on the Starfall Islands and appear to have been drawn by Yuji Uekawa. Two other characters are suggested by the outlines behind them. Although unverified, some fans have speculated that Sage and one of the fighting Titans Sonic are the new characters.

Other merchandise includes what looks like stuffed animals. Sonic is one of them, holding a key topped with a Chaos Emerald that he acquires as he progresses through the levels of cyberspace. The second features a small Koco, while the third plush has Sonic dozing while holding a Koco in his lap. Also, the illustration refers to the Sonic Frontiers DLC. However, Sega made no mention of it when showcasing the game’s demo on IGN First or during Summer Game Fest in June. Sega has yet to officially acknowledge the legitimacy of the merchandise and DLC.

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