Winchester residents are invited to contribute a unique work of art for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

ALONGSIDE the Queen’s Baton Relay, which arrived in Winchester on Wednesday June 6, residents are encouraged to submit their words to be included in a digital artwork for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Appointed Relay, the evolving work is inspired by a poem created by spoken word artist Amerah Saleh. The fluid and dynamic design developed alongside the Queen’s Baton Relay. Beginning in October, the baton visited all 72 Commonwealth nations and regions participating in the games.

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The Relay returned to England on Monday July 4 to begin their 25-day regional tour ending at the Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony.

Ahead of the opening ceremony of the games on July 28, artist Amerah asked communities around the world to answer the questions: “What does home mean to you? and “What does amazing mean to you?”

Now it’s Winchester’s turn to submit their contributions by answering the questions above to be part of this work of art.

Amerah Saleh said: “The responses we’ve seen so far have been nothing short of inspiring, and as the Relay has evolved, it’s clear that despite our differences, we’re all more connected than we think.

“As the Commonwealth Games approach, we want to hear from the people of Winchester and encourage them to be part of this truly exciting project.”

The finished piece will be revealed at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games before being housed in a prestigious cultural venue in central Birmingham.

The games will feature 11 days of sporting celebrations and competitions at venues in Birmingham and the West Midlands, ending on August 8.

Becky Fall, Head of Tourism at West Midlands Growth Company, said: “The Relay is a truly special work of art that brings together communities around the world ahead of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. While the Relayionship and Queen’s Baton Relay are nearly complete, we look forward to receiving many contributions from Winchester residents.

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“The final artwork will be displayed in the West Midlands to coincide with the Games, and we look forward to welcoming people from home and abroad to experience it. The West Midlands is a region bustling with vibrant cities, beautiful countryside, world-class sights, engaging attractions and diverse arts and cultures – and there’s never been a better time to visit.

The relay by Amerah Saleh:

We are tiny galaxies quietly crossing each other

We know when to get together

When to stand behind each other

We are several worlds colliding

ready to kiss

Put some sunshine in your suitcase

Put the maps of the places you go far

We are your tour guides

We will show you the architecture of our youth

The back to back of our stories

The gardens of our stories

This galaxy is a combination of dreams and nightmares

At least we know that

We get up every morning

Keep building on the shoulders of our heroes

Spin our world around

Tell us we’re not the best

But we are in the middle of greatness.

Tell us what’s amazing and we’ll provide it for you? …..

We are where you breathe at a human pace

The beauty of the capital

But a second’s peace

We can be children again

Tongues drawn at fairgrounds

Lollipops to be brave

To travel to another place

And find something new

What does home mean to you?……

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