You can now swim around underwater sculptures and corals at the Gold Coast’s new man-made dive site

Whether you like hitting the beach, jumping on roller coasters, visiting film studios or trekking in the outback, the Gold Coast has no shortage of tourist attractions. But the Sunshine State vacation spot’s latest addition will take you to new depths – swimming around underwater sculptures and corals, and past hundreds of different marine species, all without venturing too far from shore.

To encounter reef wonder, which opens its doors from Wednesday 8 June. It is a huge artificial reef, perched just ten minutes by boat from the Gold Coast Seaway. Here you’ll descend up to 30 meters and paddle around nine giant floating reef sculptures, which float below the surface about 2.5 kilometers offshore from Philip Park at The Spit.

First announced in mid-2021, the new $5 million attraction is designed for experienced divers — and to attract more tourists to the Goldie, of course. The site’s coral was planted just before Christmas last year and has already attracted everything from lobsters, octopus and tropical fish to turtles and giant gropers. It should also grow 1 to 25 centimeters per year.

This is what more than 16,000 divers will see each year, along with these nine sculptures. Made by Queensland artist Daniel Templeman, they stand up to 22 meters tall, weigh over 738 tonnes (in air) and cover a reef habitat of 32,000 cubic metres.

If you fancy a dip now, Gold Coast Dive Adventures and Queensland Scuba Diving run regular tours. Or, if you are an experienced diver with your own boat and dive gear, you can also book a public mooring.

Touted as a new must-visit dive site by the City of Gold Coast and the Queensland Government, who brought it to fruition, Wonder Reef has been granted a 50-year lease on the seabed. So it remains both a good time and a long time.

And although the site is man-made – the coral is real, but the reef configuration is man-made – it was designed with the natural environment in mind. Indeed, no one should need help, but helping people appreciate the underwater beauty of the natural world is another of Wonder Reef’s big goals.

Wonder Reef is open for reservations from Wednesday June 8th. For more information, visit Wonder Reef website.

Posted on June 06, 2022 by

Sarah Ward