Young Rembrandt ignites the creativity of Cleveland student artists

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The Children’s Arts Education program is developing a plan to succeed with the recent transfer of territory.

Cleveland, OH, September 11, 2022 – ( – Young Rembrandts etched its name as a leading childhood art enrichment program with the recent transfer of local territory to a new franchisee, expanding its exclusive arts education program to more children in Cleveland and surrounding communities.

Now owned and operated by franchisees Shannon and Adam Sonnhalter, the Young Rembrandts territory currently serves schools in multiple locations including Cleveland, Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, Broadview Heights, Elyria, Medina, North Ridgeville, Oberlin, Parma, Strongsville and more. The transfer builds on the momentum of the previous owner as the brand continues to address the need for a form of brain-based learning in communities around the world. Young Rembrandts engages both the analytical and creative learner so that all participants can learn to draw and be successful.

“When we learned the Cleveland Territory was looking for a new owner, we had to investigate,” Shannon said. With his unique method of teaching drawing, Young Rembrandt makes art enjoyable and accessible to children ages 3 to 12. Young Rembrandt’s syllabus breaks down each lesson, with clear and concise step-by-step instructions. The children are amazed by their finished work. They might start class thinking they can’t draw; Yet, using shapes, lines, colors, shading skills, they are amazed at the masterpiece in front of them.

“Our own children have taken many Young Rembrandt drawing classes as an addition to their after-school program at St. Peter’s School in North Ridgeville. Their art designs are always displayed all around our kitchen. Our 16 year old daughter credits the Young Rembrandt classes with sparking her interest in art. She now paints for hours with her work displayed all over her bedroom walls. She calls it her time to “take care of herself.”

“I love that this program develops drawing ability through the practice of universal skills that are important not just in school, but in life,” Shannon said. “I appreciate the mentality that all children are artists. The ability to express oneself creatively is often underestimated and we see art being pushed aside in favor of more ‘hands-on’ skills as the child grows. Classes are designed to ignite the right side of the brain with clear step-by-step guidance. I am proud to be part of the vision of young Rembrandts: “Raising generations who appreciate the power, passion and importance of art.”

The younger Rembrandts came to the Sonnhalters after Shannon had spent the past 25 years working with children and hospital systems leaders at the Cleveland Clinic as well as several hospitals in New York and New Jersey. Adam comes from a business background that includes 8 years on Wall Street as an investment banker and the past 20 years as a partner at Maximum Value Partners. For the past 6+ years, he has also served as co-host of the weekly podcast Dirty Secrets of Small Business.

A unique art enrichment program that focuses solely on cognitive development through drawing, Young Rembrandts is based on the belief that when fundamental art skills are taught to preschoolers and elementary school students, there is a strong correlation between this involvement in the arts and strong future academic performance. and personal achievement.

“Each time we welcome a new franchisee to the team, we have the opportunity to showcase the passion and dedication that our franchisees bring to the students and communities they serve. I am confident that the Sonnhalters will continue this legacy” , said Bette Fetter, Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandt, “I know they will be outstanding new members of the Young Rembrandt family, and their commitment to teaching the children of greater Cleveland will make Young Rembrandt a critical partner in helping children to develop cognitively and discover their inner artist.”

With its unique methodology that gives children the confidence to create skilled works of art, Young Rembrandts helps stimulate cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, spatial learning and critical thinking. Unlike many other childhood art enrichment programs, Young Rembrandts offers students a hands-on project to take home with each lesson. Students can learn a new technique and achieve an outstanding work of art in a single class period.

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